96-Wide ATV

High Country All Aluminum 96-Wide ATV Trailers have a 2, 3, and 4 ATV hauling capacity. They feature ½" Marine Tech Plywood Decking, 8" or 10" Powdered Coated Wheels, Removable Ramps/Side Panels, Side and Read Loading and an Adjustable Slide Track Tie-Down System. Our All Aluminum ATV Trailers can also be fitted with various Options and Accessories to fit your needs.

96" x 102" ATV Trailer
96" x 14' ATV Trailer
96" x 18' ATV Trailer
ALCOM LLC, reserves the right to change specifications and construction methods without obligation of notice. In addition, photography and or illustrations may display optional items available at additional cost to the trailer base price. Please contact an authorized High Country dealer for additional information.